The Years Alone

The Years Alone

by Daniel Diaz
(Green Linnet-Xenophile/USA 1995)

Recorded during 1993 in Buenos Aires and released worldwide by the Green Linnet/Xenophile label (on CD and Cassette) The Years Alone is Daniel Diaz debut album.

The Years Alone was released digitally (downloads) for the first time in 2015 and available on streaming services on February 2019.

Performed by Daniel DIAZ :
(Keyboards, Electric Basses, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Percussion, Drums, Programming.)


Manuel MIRANDA : Flutes, Soprano and Alto Saxes, Quena, Sikus, Chekere.
Pato LOZA : Drums.
Ricky OLARTE : Congas.
Gustavo PAGLIA : Bandoneon.
Rikhi HAMBRA : Tabla.
Miguel Angel AMARAL : Voices.
Beto SATRAGNI: Bass, Percussion, Voice.

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The Years Alone (cover art) album by Daniel Diaz
The Years Alone

Track list:

1>El Jardin a la Distancias
2>Sur y Nortes
4>Lluvias Costerass
7> First Tango
8> La China y el Matador
9> 23 Punks
10>Candombe p’al Beto
11>Mr Davis

Composed by Daniel Diaz.
Total Time:  55:36